artifical idiocracy

06.09.17 - 10.09.17

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Marc Aurel / Lutz Braun / Johannes Brechter / Alexander Deubl / Ronan Devlin
Elke Dreier / Quirin Empl / Nicolas Espinoza / Georg Fuchssteiner / Benedikt Gahl
Raymond Gantner / Angela Geisenhofer / Ioan Grosu / Markus Hirner / Christian Honold
Veit Kowald / Philipp Kummer / Simon Kummer / Ronny Mi / Martin Mayer / Daniel Müller
Marcel Ralle / Kim Ramona Ranalter / Alexander Recht / Eveline Reinholz / Mirja Reuter
Mira Sattelberger / Max Schmidtlein / Dieter Schnabl / Bernhard Slawik
Guido Spannocchi / Raphael Spannocchi / 2g8er / Gülbin Ünlü
Emanuel Wade / Alexander Yannilos / Katharina Zink
+ Special Guests



Electronic live act
Objects music form
Interactive waves
Mira Sattelberger, Eveline Reinholz, Katharina Zink, Kim Ramona Ranalter

Weaving, mixing. From the components a mesh, which inevitably causes a cosmic giant in space. Open. Conclude. Compress a ball in the air from all ingredients. Distill. Filter. Make it by ticking individual threads on a device. Fill. Model. Wave. Hyperactive, interdisciplinary, experimental sound and smoke. Spread in all directions. Ritual in all traditions. All genres. Objects and materials. All origins. Live! Two, infinity. Lots. Record, play back. Absorb, extract. Grinding, pruning, screwing, turning. Automatically. New forms emerge through the manifold of individual intervention. Automatically. Naturally.

audioguido & MOTHERDRUM
Guido Spannocchi & Alexander Yannilos

audioguido is the electronic eclectic alter ego of Vienna born London based Jazz musician Guido Spannocchi, a modular approach to improvised electronica and free form jazz, usually solo this time in company, stretching genre consciousness and comfort areas exploring the void and freedom in oscillation between the extremes.

is an instrumental collective founded by drummer and producer Alexander Yannilos

a bridge between
the analog and the digital
the acoustic and the electronic
the purely manual and the fully automated
As a direct reaction to the ever increasing influence of electronic practices on todays musical zeitgeist and the decreasing role of improvised music within it MOTHERDRUM provides a brand new outlet for an old form of musical energy, instead o a fixed line-up, it is platform for a growing line of progressive players. Instead of reciting a set repertoire it unleashes (con)temporary explosions of sound, burning genre borders to the ground.



ziemlich laxe kreisel
in den haushohen tundren
der anderen seiten.
zwei esel
drei ohren
einmal umblättern.

Simon and Philipp Kummer have been playing together in different musical projects since 2001. 2014 they launched their techjazz-duo K&K and were joined by the video artists Quirin Empl and Martin Mayer who complete the live shows by mapping the venues and the artists on stage.
The latest achievement is the guitsynthist Georg Fuchssteiner.
(f)K&KEMPERIUM meander stylistically between hiphop, avantgarde and technoid jazz.

Philipp Kummer – Turntables, Electronics
Simon Kummer – Drums, Electronics
Georg Fuchssteiner - Synthguitar
Quirin Empl – Mapping
Martin Mayer - Mapping



concept by: fondle.wtf

Simon Kummer + Georg Fuchssteiner

fondle.wtf pres.
Groupexhibition / live acts / performances
6.9 – 10.9.2017 / 17°° - X°°

(english below)

Die Ausstellung ARTIFICIAL IDIOCRACY stellt mit einem Augenzwinkern den momentanen
Trend zu datengenerierten Arbeiten die traditionellen Ansätzen moderner Kunst gegenüber.
Die Werke -Malerei, Skulpturen, Videos, Installationen, etc.- werden hierfür in einem
galerieartigen Kontext in Form einer klassischen Gruppenausstellung präsentiert, wobei
verschiedene Sensoren im Raum vollkommen belanglose Daten generieren – Luftdruck,
Sauerstoffgehalt, etc.
Die gesammelten Daten werden direkt in den Äther geleitet – roh, uninterpretiert, ohne
Kommentar und aus dem Kontext gerissen – wodurch der Metadatentrend in der
zeitgenössischen Smart-Art ad absurdum geführt wird.
Gleichzeitig behaupten die konventionellen Künste ihre zeitlose Bedeutung und wischen den
immanenten Vorwurf des Anachronismus elegant vom Tisch.
Die Ausstellung wird von Live Acts und Performances flankiert.

Programm / program

Mittwoch / Wednesday / 6.9
The Cosmic Giggle (Dj Set Performance ) 17°° - X°°
audioguido & MOTHERDRUM 20°° live ( experimental drum&bass )
Donnerstag / Thursday / 7.9
The Cosmic Giggle ( Dj Set Performance ) 17°° - 20°°
(f)K&K EMPERIUM 20°° live ( technoidjazzhop )
Freitag / Friday / 8.9

Markus Oehlen 20°° live  ( experimental modular system und video art)


The exhibition ARTIFICIAL IDIOCRACY opposes traditional approaches in modern art to the
omni-present trend of data drivenness.
Therefore the works – paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, etc. – are presented in a
gallery-like surrounding, a classic group exhibition, while a bunch of tiny sensors in the
exhibition room is constantly generating arbitrary data -air pressure, oxygen content, etc.
The collected data is directly fed into the ether -raw, with no comments or interpretation,
and taken out of context- reducing the meta-data-trend in contemporary smart-art ad
At the same time the conventional art forms represent their timeless significance defeating
elegantly the silent reproach of being anachronistic.
The exhibition is flanked by live acts and performances.