Bewegungs_Bar #2 2023

06.04.23 - 06.04.23


Juliana Vargas Rodriguez & Júlia Borbála Farkas

Irina Müller

Sabine Rechberger


Sarah Plattner, Nur Giménez Villarroya & Theresa Muhl

in coop with Kulturverein Spätschicht

@raumschiff on 06.04.23

Open Bar from 19:00

Performances starting at 20:00


Identity:anonymous (17 min)
by Juliana Vargas Rodriguez & Júlia Borbála Farkas

"It is repetitive, it is constantly there. As time goes by, the impact grows. Maybe it's not just a joke. Probably it's not just a comment. How are stereotypes maintained?"


by Irina Müller

"A performative examination of talking and telling about war. In addition to the examination of one's own personal points of contact with war, the performance demands an answer to the question of what it means to be the second generation after World War II and what responsibility lies therein. Talking about war is painful and yet I wish I ask the question more often: Tell me about the war."


Das rosarote Herz (11 min)
by Sabine Rechberger

"Wenn man anklopft, wer öffnet einem die Tür?
Wenn man ankommt, wie wird man empfangen? 
Wenn man da ist, wie wird man sich fühlen?"


Fotocredits: Maja Mirek