Bewegungsbar #1 2024

17.01.24 - 17.01.24


curated by Daniela Gutmann and Theresa Muhl

BEWEGUNGSBAR#1 2024 @Raumschiff Linz

17.1.24 starting 19:30

Bar will be open from 19:00


When the rain hits you
performance by Gudrun Franz
ca. 15 Min

experiments with garden equipment, tape and the wow factor (possibly)

Corpus Substantial - ‘Body Based Playing’ performance by Sandra Muciño & Obi Blanche

Sandra Muciño (fagot) and Obi Blanche (self- built guitar / body based playing) intend to develop new forms of communication between corporeal bodies and their instruments by physically and spatially improvising sound together.
ca. 30min length