Bewegungsbar #6 2023

07.12.23 - 07.12.23

BEWEGUNGSBAR #6 am 7.12.23, 18.30Uhr

Vernissage Mauerwerke #2
Auf die Plätze
Eva Weber
Performances from 19:30

Sonja Stojanović-Aufreiter
ca. 20mins
PLAY-RE-PLAY is a solo dance performance that researches the phenomenon of a déjà vu possibility to recreate a moment from the past.

Anna Sophie Adelt
oder Wie ich lernte langsamer zu Gehen
ca. 30mins
This trial dedicates itself to the Slowness and the wish of unfolding the shield, which wrapped around my inside, through the rapidity of time. Becoming soft and opening a space of intimacy wich points Inwards.