El Kschk Sessions @Raumschiff

11.05.23 - 11.05.23

concert on 11th of May 23, 6pm
Kschk means kiosk in Arabic, i.e. a small open-fronted hut or cubicle from which newspapers, refreshments, tickets, etc. are sold. This Kschk is a mobile sound station that roams in public space hosting musicians and recording them with the sounds of the city on cassettes. The sound station interrupts the routine of everyday life and creates new situations in the city.
El Kschk is hosting together with Raumschiff two music groups:
RGBastler focuses on sound art, using homemade electronic instruments, tape loops, and field recording. In their audio-visual performances, they also experiment on sound and video interaction, exploring the capacity of the electromagnetic signal to affect colors, using self-built video-synth.
The duo Fatomás puts the improvisational element into the context of electronic (club) music. A hypnotic sound journey of experimental ambient, improvised music, free jazz and techno - entirely in the sample-free real-time moment.
Fatima El Kosht (Voice, flute, percussion, electronics)
Tomá Ivanov (guitar, electronics)
Open Doors: 18:00
Entry on free donation