08.12.23 - 08.12.23

08.12.23 19:30Uhr @Raumschiff Linz
We have launched a new monthly SESSION for freely improvised music, inviting exiting openers who will play a short opening set followed by a short talk (Q&A) about their own approach to improvisation and their setup.
After that we will open the jam session for everyone who would be interested to play! Please come early as the sessions will be pre-curated to make sure everyone is able to join and play.
Early soundcheck is also possible depending on the instrument.
And the biggest pleasure of all Die Donauwirtinnen will be making POMMES for us on some of the dates! Stay updated!
Pala is an explorer, doing basic research in music and science. Starting out on classical clarinet studies, falling in love with bass clarinet and contemporary music, drifting into electro-funk, to finally dissolve in punk-jazz and free improvisation (Syntax Cinema Orchestra, Romachi, Sokkal Másabb, Mantra Porno). In solo, he combines wind instruments with analogue electronics and looping to achieve a bass-heavy electroacoustic soundscape.
Márton Palatinszky - bass clarinet, soprano sax, frankenflute, tube distortion, looper