Grandmothers favourite ft. {Low_Level_Literature}

12.02.23 - 12.02.23


Grandmothers favourite



CONCERT and EP release on 12th of Feb 23, 8.15pm
Post modern sudoku jazz
A mistake is the only chance for something new to happen and therefor isn’t a mistake. Unrehearsed, impolite, unwashed, charismatic, vicious sounds from the pit. Instant compositions. The naive glorification of improvising the new.
Reading and writing the unwritten onto digital papyrus. Deciphering the unintentional. Careful assembly of invisible particles, creating audible pavements to be walked upon. Piece by Piece, invisible mosaic. Best seller low level literature.
Ben Wesch - Electronics
Drums, fx - Lukas Handlbauer
Guitar, fx - Daniel Bierdümpfl
Entry on free donation.
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