HUMAN - Movie Sreening

20.11.16 - 20.11.16

rs human web

HUMAN 3/3 - Movie-Screening / 4pm + 7:30pm

The words are raw and pure.
It does not matter what divides us –
origins, social standing, age, sex, or faith –
we all have similar needs and share the same concerns.

The director, Yann Arthus-Bertrand,
wanted to limit his presence as much as possible
to focus on the voices of these anonymous individuals
sourced from around the world over three years.
His aim is that every person watching the film carries out
their own interpretation of the stories it reveals.

Human 1/3: 30. Okt. 4pm + 7:30pm
Human 2/3: 13. Nov. 4pm + 7:30pm

! bring a blanket to make it cozy !
! popcorn, is awating you !
! hot & cold drinks !