Raumschiff theater shorts

11.07.21 - 11.07.21



Directed and choreographed by Daniel Bierdümpfl 
Starring - Nikolaj Maximilian Klinger
A new time friendly, experimental format for theater, dance and performance.
PERFORMANCE on 20th July 21
entrance at 19:30
1. show 20:00
2. show 20:45
3. show 21:20
…run with the hare and hunt with the hounds…
The protagonist has worked all day and finds himself in a very unusual environment to a very unusual time.A piece about the inner bipolar conflict of our time. 
Every piece is arranged and directed within a month in the space of Raumschiff in Linz and premiered by the end of the process. The piece has a maximum duration of 15 minutes.
On the day of the premiere the piece will be played a maximum of 4 times in row, with breaks of 20 minutes in between.
Due to the the short play time and 20 minutes ventilation time in between, we create a secure corona indoor situation.
You will have to register and bring the 3-G evidence of your choice, so please be there 15-20 minutes before the play. Registration takes place on-site. 

There is NO maximum of people, NO minimum of space and no closing time anymore from 1st of July so bring all of your friends and family.
Admission // free donation
Fotocredit: Daniel Bierdümpfl