Somatic Readings

11.06.15 - 11.06.15

somatic readings web2

Inter-disciplinary Art Workshop for artists of all disciplines.

10 a.m.  - 2 p.m.

Get physcial approach to collecting material.

Explore a new democratic work method to think and create individually and collectively.

The workshop is an introduction and approach to the technique of Somatic Readings / Chorus work, developed by Aleksandra Czernacki Plaude from Stockholm University of Arts.

What is Somatic Reading?
A “tool box" consisting of a series of physically-oriented excercises, that allow the artist to explore spaces, things and living material.

And Chorus work?
A democratic work method, that allows artists to collaborate without getting to much “in the head” by respecting both, the group (the Chorus) and the individual.

Faciliated by: Thomas Nygaard Actor / Director from Stockholm University of The Arts.

Max. 10 participants

Price: 20 € per Person

Sign-up or further info: Thomas_Nygaard@hotmail.com