Spaces In Between

25.04.15 - 26.04.15

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Rafal Pierzynski

SAT + SUN / Part of the MOVEMENTS Festival at Raumschiff

Sat 12 - 15:00; Sun 16 - 20:00


Spaces In Between Dancing Bodies. Movement LAB Workshop

with Rafał Pierzyński/Pierre Jinsky (PL)

During the workshop we are going to explore field of dynamic interactions between dancing bodies this time as a main focus taking the ‘mover’s body and the ‘body of the space’. By shifting the focus from a positive to a negative spaces and by looking to the in between we are making the space to dance with. The communication between the dancing bodies makes a topic for dance itself. The LAB includes: practice of embodied communication; questions of perception as an action; and work with tunnel and peripheral vison in form of: group improvisations; individual and group tasks; observing and sharing reflections(!) and an structured improvisation open to the public at the end of the workshop.

The workshop is suitable all open minded and motivated to move people, from amateurs to experienced movers in any age who want to play and move. The workshop will be held in English. Because of a short period it’s is not possible to join only for a second day of workshop. Because of the space restrictions the amount of participants is limited. Bring comfortable clothes and shoes ... and let’s dance!

It’s free of charge!

to register, please write to:  pierzynskirafal@hotmail.com



Rafał Pierzyński/Pierre Jinsky - born in Bełchatów, Poland.

BA BA Contemporary Stage Dance, Movement Studies and Performance

In his research - very interested in questions of embodiment, communication processes in the performance and spatial aspects of abstract realms in contemporary dance . He gets busy very easily. Amateur of choreography and interdisciplinary artistic work. He loves to work in a group and turn spontaneous ideas into instant art. Enthusiast of articulating contemporary dance topics and theory.

Sources of his power are: joy and .. Beyoncé. Unfortunately he has very bad memory/ Luckily he has great imagination