Sunshine in Ohio

06.11.19 - 06.11.19

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little sun upon the deck of our ship:

Sunshine in Ohio

The Polyphonic Blues Orchestra

Sunshine in Ohio is a "Collectif" from France and Canada created by Johnny Sunshine from Les Poissons Voyageurs. The band plays with 5 to 10 musicians and explore the world of american music, from Cajun to Bluegrass, old swing and Voodoo blues with a great and energetic show. The ten musicians take dazzling instrumental and vocal solo alongside arrangements of traditional songs and compositions. The two hours show is highly interactive and takes the audience in a wild ride of cowboys, horses, special effects and the unbelievable stories of this great family of musicians who have travelled the world together.
(Minimal line up : guitar, contrabass, banjo, cello, violin.
Full band : two guitars, banjo, two cellos, two violins, mandolin, a horse)



Entry on free donation.

Come early before we are out of seats.