Les Poissons Voyageurs (Sunshine in Ohio)

06.11.19 - 06.11.19

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little sun upon the deck our ship

Les Poissons Voyageurs


Every song is and occasion for the audience to join Les Poissons Voyageurs in a gospel choir, a blues song or to create the soundtrack to a mexican wedding.
The show has changed a lot over the years and over 17 musicians have taken part in it since 2008, from a famous balalaika or guitar players from Canada or Russia, violinist or clarinetists from the world over. The repertoire swings between polyphonic american music, balkan blues or romanian horas. The show has been played hundreds of times, from the gypsie weddings in Kharkiv to the Gogol Fest in Ukraine, in jazz clubs in Istanbul or the jungles of New Caledonia or Peru.

Johnny Sunshine : double bass/vocals
Lorain Ohio double bass vocals
Louis Boudot : guitar vocals
Jules Fromonteil : clarinet / vocals
Frank Soucy guitar / vocals


Entry on free donation.

Come early before we are out of seats.