The Mechanical Tales

27.04.18 - 27.04.18

TMT April Tour web

The Mechanical Tales are Juliette, Lux e Lloyd Sinatra.

> performative, intermedial, audiovisual live pieces

The trio is based in Udine (IT), the so-called
capital of the war, and produces cinematic music
with post-atomic vibes.

As the sountrack on the cinematographic film does,
they work closely with the video medium through the
collaboration with several visual artists.
In 2014 they meet Eleonora Sovrani, a videoartist whose focus lies
in the relationship between visual language, social dynamics and artistic practice.

This close collaboration
gives birth to many performative, intermedial, audiovisual live pieces, installations, some touring across Europe,
and two LPs: Iceberg (October 2015, self-released)
and About Fallout (February 2017, selfreleased).

..being involved for many years in the italian experimental music scene with other bands, they decide to create a new musical project in 2012. They produce and release their albums, promote their works and organize their tours across Europe indipendently, with a DIY approach.

Together with Eleonora Sovrani they produce:
“Once de sogno” - 2015
A project of urban redevelopment trough art in the city of Padova.
The music composed for this performance has been released in the album Iceberg.

>>>> Music donations are welcome!