Treetop (CZ/SK)

25.10.22 - 25.10.22



Vojta Drnek (CZ) - accordion
Richard Šanda (CZ) - trombone
Michal Šelep (SK) - acoustic bass

CONCERT on 25th Oct 22, 7.30pm
Treetop is a Contemporary Chamber Jazz trio of Berlin based accordionist Vojta Drnek, Prague based trombonist Richard Šanda and Bratislava based bass player Michal Šelep. The unusual setting is the result of a unique synergy and understanding between the three musical personalities. They inspire each other and the cooperation between the three "leaders" is very natural and fluid. Their diverse repertoire reflects many aspects of Treetop’s musical journey, spanning from jazz influences or folklore inspiration to contemporary musical concepts, enabling them to explore the unknown potential of this unique instrumentation.
Their debut album Treetop (Animal Music, 2021) received critical praise both in Czechia and abroad. It was nominated for the Czech music academy prize “Anděl” in the jazz category and was awarded second place in the Czech Radio Jazz critics and promoters poll.
“A very interesting and unusual sound” - Peter Slavid, UKjazz
“A brilliant and extremely mature debut, I am writing down the musicians responsible for Treetop to the group of those whose activities I absolutely must follow." - Rafał Garszczyński, JazzPRESS
“A great trio with a giant ability to atmosphere making. They will take you to a totally other world with their compositions, melody and harmony. If you have any chance to see them live, you won't regret!” - Kacper Herba, Piec’Art
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