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Sam Bunn


Born a Sagitarius in a town that was good to leave, popped out at the civilised end of the university system with a barely a 'parp', pressurised by preparing for examinations in serious subjects and playing bass guitar for others too long, Sam finally started childishly making things again. This is where our story begins...

Retreating Switch

Retreating Switch presents itself in a very quiet way, a simple switch upon the wall, like a normal room fixture. When pressed, it does something it isn't supposed to do.


Sam Bunn’s practice explores the object, the audience and the maker within the sphere of expanded, interactive sculpture. It is based on an experimental approach to making. His sculptural investigations focus on the interactions between humans and the architecture of modern life. Hoping to avoid pessimism, each work can be seen as an insertion or rethinking of everyday situations that involve our using systems and machines.