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Rachel Katstaller


Rachel Katstaller is an Illustrator and Strategic Designer from tiny tropical El Salvador.

Even though she graduated with honors as a Strategic Designer from the Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera in 2013, her heart was always set on illustration, leading her to the Summer Residency in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City in the summer of 2014.

Most recently Rachel relocated to the Alps with her cat Hemingway, in order to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a freelance Illustrator. Hemingway still remains skeptical about the cold weather and lack of palm trees to climb.

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Body Snatchers

I'm scared of being a woman.

I'm mainly scared of being a woman in a country like El Salvador. A country where your body is not yours to decide upon what to do with it, but belongs to public opinion to criticize and judge and punish. A society full of double standards, where sex with minors is illegal but goes unpunished and women who miscarriage get sent to jail for homicide.

I'm scared of being trapped in a body that is governed by others and not myself.