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Martin Krammer


martin krammer (1993)

Illustrator and graphic-designer based in vienna.

graphic-design // corporate design // Papercraft // Popup // Illustration // 3D Design/ visualisation

Specific interests in wimmelbooks, Archaeology, traveling, labyrinths, ornaments

– 2015 March – August: Tramping through Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria

– Since 2015: Graphic-design-freelancer

– Since 2014: Several Archaeological Excavations in Austria

– Since 2014: Several Exhibitions with Illustria on the international book fair „Buchwien“

– 2012 – 2013: studied „Graphic and Communication Design“ at „Die Graphische, Master-class“/ vienna

„Die Graphische Design - Award 2013“, Popup-book-project, tribute to Wolf Harranth

– 2007– 2012: „Die Graphische“ „Graphic and Communication Design“ finished with matura

Veranstaltungen bei raum-schiff:

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Ausschnitt aus dem Original (108 x 108 cm)

„On the shores of a mystical ocean

there lies a cave with a magical door

all are welcome but those who enter

never shall return not a single day more.

Can you feel the rhythm of my heart beat beating in time with the drum in your hands 

fly away on the waves of the ocean seeking and finding the butterfly people“


- rainbow chant -