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Idil Kızoğlu


Born in Izmir, Turkey. She finished her B.S studies and worked in Istanbul until she moved to Linz, in 2013.
Currently, she is continuing her studies at Interface Cultures M.A program in Artuniversity Linz.

Veranstaltungen bei raum-schiff:

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‘Sounds like’ - generative artwork

Sounds like’ is a series of images that took their forms as responding to a variety of sound recordings. Images are rendered using a custom written software that uses sound proper- ties in visualization. Sounds are recorded at different times in open art space, prior to the exhibition.

Our initial relation with inner places generally starts with a neutral feeling. As time passes, the neutrality leaves its place to different stages of emotions. Occurrences consistently af- fect the organic relation that inhabitants build with these places. How would our lives be if we would encounter the traces of past occurrences when we step into a place? What kind of experience would they lead to when these occurrences are turned into visual abstrac- tions?