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Ana Loureiro


Ana Loureiro is a visual artist who lives and works in Vienna. From late 2009 until 2013, Loureiro studied Fine Arts - Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto University. Her last semester study took place at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as exchange student. Currently, the artist’s works reflect on the relationship between architecture and memory taking into consideration her own personal experience. During the works conception, the artist resorts to different media which can fulfil better or complement the different phases of the project.

Project / To map. To document. To revisit.

To map. To document. To revisit is a transdisciplinary “work in process” where the photography assumes a strong “mémoire” and documentary character from the past and the present. More than an autobiographical aspect, the essential point in this project is to create a memory connection with the spaces in which I lived in Vienna and make a retrospective analysis of my interaction with them. The memory and its relationship can be translated into a number, a hand writing, a document, a floor plan, an object, an episode or simply the transcription of a sentence that was heard.