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Lovro Šarić Koračević


Lovro Šarić Koračević, born 1993 in Zagreb, finished the School of Applied Arts and Design Zagreb in 2013. Currently he is living and working in Linz and is studying architecture at the University of Art and Design Linz.

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outgrowing ideals

Space is a term of contradictions. Recognizing anything means experiencing its contrasts in the context of space. New discoveries in quantum physics tell us there is no such thing as space or matter. The act of observing an object, is as real as recognizing our thoughts. What defines these contrasts that shape the space around us? Values. Encoded in our thoughts lies the world of values; the weight of gold, the fluidity of water. A smile from a loved one, or an insult hard to forget. No matter what the medium of what we experience is, once we observe it, it gains meaning, value. When we question these values, things begin to lose their meaning.

As our experiences change, we are no longer surrounded by a meaningful space. Our value system has transformed into an assortment of prices, and soon we will be aliens to our own world. A wise man once said, "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." So here I am, not questioning enough, caged in a world of accidental meaning. I will do my best to retrieve the forgotten value through the thoughtful purpose of my work. After all, now that we know that there is no such thing as space, maybe it is time to question the value of gold rather than the weight of it.