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2014 01 10 the chase lynne hobaica 126x126px

Lynne Hobaica


Lynne Hobaica, born in Arizona (USA), studied History of Art at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) after which she worked as an artist in residence at the Genesee Center for the Arts. Currently she is living in Linz, Austria, pursuing a masters in Sculptural Conceptions/Ceramics at the University of Arts and Design Linz.

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“The Chase”

2013, ceramics, bubble maschine

Our lives are fueled by one chase after another. We are consumed with a desire for something, someone, someplace, and propel ourselves toward it. When a child sees bubbles, it becomes his mission to catch them. The hunt begins. This piece is about our fascination with chasing bubbles, objects so fragile and temporary, that as soon as we get our hands on them they are gone. It questions the need to chase something that we will  never be able to catch. Is catching what is important, or is all we need is the chase?