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Scharmien Zandi


Scharmien Zandi is an austrian-kurdish multimedia artist, musician, performance artist and artistic director of the International Academy of Arts Vienna (iAKW) First she studied architecture, than music & performing art in vienna where she got a diploma. Artist in Residence in Bogota (2014) and Beijing (2017)

urged to explore this wasteland

I work with a great variety of techniques and methods to create contemporary stage works (contempWERK), sound design and film art. My artistic work and research is based on two axes: body (-sound) and geometry, dynamics and space. My works include performing and visual arts (visualistics), composition, direction, installations and storytelling. Recent Works : Massaker. Liebe. (performance), Dione (contempWERK), Howling Dogs (composition), Maria Tybee (performance), ¼ life crisis (exhibition), Taikonaut Lilli (musicperformance) Music projects: Cadû, Paloma Negra, Misthaufen,