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Verena Andrea Prenner


Born in Austria, Verena Andrea Prenner has a degree in sociology.

In 2013, she moved to
Israel and Palestine, first living and working in Tel Aviv and then moving to the refugee camps of Palestine. During her time there, she also photographed Muslim weddings along with a Palestinian photographer and wrote a weekly column, Notes From The Middle East, for an Austrian newspaper.

In her photographic work she frequently includes non-professionals or casual passers-by to express individual reflections or views of societies in the form of stage settings. Since 2013 she has been completing art projects as well as commissions in Austria and in the Middle East.

Veranstaltungen bei raum-schiff:


CONTAINED - Taxidrivers in Palestine in between ho

Verena Andrea Prenner discovers the impact of conflict on ordinary folk.

In July 2002, the Government of Israel decided on the construction of a “security barrier“ between the Palestinian autonomous areas of the West Bank, and Israel. Amongst those whose livelihoods have been affected by the Wall are Palestinian taxi drivers. These Palestinians cannot cross over to the Israeli side even though the reverse is not true. This restriction not only hampers their ability to earn but also takes a toll on their mental health.

“We are not free,” one taxi driver is quoted on Verena Andrea Prenner’s website. “If there is a border, and it’s up to them to allow you if you can go outside or not, then you are in a prison. We can not do what we want. Tourists come here to see the zoo. Some people [come] through the checkpoint to see how we are living and sorry for saying it, but we feel like animals and the people come to take pictures of us.”

(Text credit: Delhi Photofestival)