16.12.16 - 22.01.17

opencall xmess opening web


Alissa Nathan Cha

Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp

Vasco Lourenço

Joseph Lopez

Katharina Morgenthaler

Verena Andrea Prenner

Michael Starmayr

Elisabeth Fischer

Society is a mess, politic is a mess, love,
work and family are a mess...  the world is a mess!

So what?! It is well known that a genius can handle
a mess - and humans are the greatest genii?!
Everything is linked together, and nothing is without
effect - on purpose.

An exhibition dealing with the questions, how do we
create and consider mess and chaos? And, how
are different mess crosslinked?

Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp, Alissa Nathan Cha, Elisabeth Fischer, José López, Vasco Lourenço, Natalie Pichler, Verena Andrea Prenner, Elena Anna Rieser, Kathrin Sammer, Michael Starmayr und Caroline de Winter.


Exhibition 17.12.2016 - 19.12.2016 & 08.01 - 22.01.2017

Thu - Mon: 3 - 7p.m.